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For more than two decades Steinway Hall - North Texas and Steinway Piano Gallery of Houston has been the exclusive Steinway & Sons piano dealer in North Texas.  Over the years we have welcomed thousands of clients to the Steinway Family.  We value our relationship with each and every customer who chooses our pianos, piano service department, and Steinway Hall as a partner in performance. On this page you will find selected client testimonials about their experience with Steinway Hall.

If you are client who has purchased a piano or product from our showroom or used our Technical Service Department and would like to ad your review please contact us.


I bought my Essex grand (my first piano purchase ever) in 2003.

Having a Steinway-designed piano gives me more credibility with my piano families since it’s a familiar brand for most folks. It’s also a piece of equipment unsurpassed in quality by any other. I like to impress upon my students/parents what a quality instrument I have that they get to play on when they come for their lessons. That’s something to be proud of as a piano teacher! My hope is that one day they will want to own a Steinway-brand piano themselves.

I’m really enjoying my new Boston GP-178! So thankful for the power and sound that it produces when well-played. -- I’m already a huge fan of the Steinway family brand but so honored to be recognized as a Steinway Top Teacher. It means a lot to be appreciated by Steinway for what I do.

Jo Ann Vick
"Top Teacher" in Plano
Boston GP-178 


Dear Whitney, Noel, Casey, and Danny,

Thank you for your help during my selection of a new Steinway model B. You were always gracious with your time and did not pressure me, giving me the time I needed to try various examples and finalize my decision. Any specific adjustments were made quickly to suit. I am so pleased to have found an instrument that will no doubt enhance our musical pleasure for many, many years. I would recommend your establishment without reservation to anyone seeking a responsive team and positive shopping experience.

Steinway & Sons Model B Ebony Satin #604947


Dear Whitney,

I want to let you know that since the new Boston was delivered 3 weeks ago to my student, there has been an exponential improvement in his playing and level of confidence. A week after he piano was delivered, he came for his weekly lesson. I looked over at his mother with amazement – what a difference! His fingers are already so much quicker and responsive, and he is quickly discovering a wider range of colors and tones. I’ve always heard a measurable improvement in my students after they’ve purchased a piano from Steinway, but never to this degree in such a short amount of time! He is projecting more confidence in his playing and in his personal interactions as well. Thank you for your patience and kindness in affording this family every opportunity to feel comfortable with their decision and making it possible for them to provide this beautiful instrument for their son!

Always a pleasure working with you,
Dr. Mary Humm
(Piano Educator in Plano, Texas)


I have enjoyed greatly playing my Boston piano. It has been a life long dream to own one of my own. My family will gladly play for a life time. Thank you Steinway & Laurie for enriching our lives.

- Carrie Hemminger (Piano Teacher)
Boston GP-156 Ebony Polish


Hi Scott,

Tim and I are loving our piano. I played ALL weekend. I haven't played in 20 years. Lessons were 40 years ago. It came back pretty quick. I start lessons next week. Hopefully I can improve my game. Tim was actually surprised I can play a little. Hopefully he will find time for lessons one day. Thanks for helping find the right piano for our needs.

- Tim and Ellen
Essex EGP-155 Ebony Polish



I want to thank you and Danny for the incredible guidance you have provided in the selection of our new Steinway B.  I have always been told that Steinways are a good investment but had no idea how well values have held up over the years until I compared pre-owned Steinways with new.  

I first became interested in a restored Vintage B from the 1920's. It was so beautiful but I soon learned that, due to yearly appreciation in value, the 90-year gap made little difference in savings when compared to buying brand new! In fact, I became very familiar with the restoration process and soon learned that one would only want to invest in a Vintage Steinway if rebuilt and certified by the factory itself.  These criteria closed the gap completely as a Certified Vintage rebuilt by the factory was the same price as a new Steinway. The selection process was incredible as you allowed us to play and compare for as many hours as we wished and all without any sales pressure.  Your expert guidance made our final selection easy and we have enjoyed our new Steinway every day since.  This piano is now a central part of our family home and I am sure will so be in 90 years when it finds itself a well cared for Vintage B passed from one generation to next. 

Thank you again for making this sound investment such an enjoyable experience.  We look forward to our continued relationship with Steinway Hall of Dallas in the many years ahead!

Warmest Regards,

Steinway 'B' Ebony Satin 581323


My New Boston Piano – Designed by Steinway

It’s hard to decide what the best thing about Steinway Hall – Dallas is: the impressive pianos or the unusually capable and helpful staff.

In picking my new Boston GP-178 grand (serial no. 158777), I was very fortunate to deal with Yoori Marti, who is also their Concert & Artist Director (with amazing connections when it comes to local performances!). Not only does she know piano construction inside and out, she’s a very accomplished musician who knows how all the parts and pieces contribute to an instrument capable of making great music. Add to that the fact that she seemed to work almost around the clock to answer my every question and help me make the best choice, and that made for a more satisfying piano-buying experience than I could ever have imagined. I shopped at quite a number of other dealers and never found anywhere near that level of dedication, knowledge and musicianship in any other salesperson. Most seemed content to just “put in their 40 hours”.

My new Boston piano—which was designed by Steinway—is a lot of piano for the money! The wide tail design, tapered soundboard and all the other goodies really do make for a piano that sounds much larger than it is. The difference in sound between my new Boston and my old piano—another major brand and just 2 inches shorter—is stunning! Would I do it all again? In a heartbeat. No buyer’s remorse here! Thanks Yoori, and thanks Steinway Hall.”

- Boston GP-178, Ebony Polish, B158777


So, My Steinway Story

Two months after my daughter was born, my husband had a stroke. Before the stroke, he mentioned several times how he thought we should buy a piano. After the stroke, he mentioned it with even more fervor. No doubt because of his existential brush with mortality, life goals like learning to play the piano for and with his daughter were thrust to the fore of his consciousness.

A sale mailer and a beautiful fall Saturday later, I walked through my neighborhood down to Steinway Hall – Dallas with my daughter, determined to make his birthday (just two weeks away) the most memorable birthday yet. Pianos have their own personality; and just like a house speaks to a new owner or the pet in the store ‘chooses’ its new master, the restored 1967 M on the work room floor with its mellow timbre spoke to me. Two weeks later, my husband answered as the movers arrived at our door on cue while I was making him his birthday lunch and birthday cake.

That afternoon, I hammered out “Happy Birthday” on the piano. It *was* his best birthday yet. Our ‘M’ has provided us with countless hours of enjoyment, especially as our daughter grows and is learning to press on the keys herself. In watching her learn to make notes, and one day make music–this is the true gift of the piano.

Thanks again!

- Steinway & Sons, Model ‘M’, Ebony Satin #398252


Dear Steve,

"We would like to thank you for the time taken helping us to make our piano purchase.  It is a wonderful addition to the home.  It was very kind of you to the book for our daughter and the Steinway Story is a good one."

- Essex EGP-161, Mahogany Polish, E109041
   (Dallas, Texas)


“Everything is perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.”

- Steinway Model M, Ebony Satin, 583813, Signed by Van Cliburn with PianoDisc CD player system
   (Mineral Wells, Texas)


 “We love our new Boston piano and you (Michael) have been great to work with.  We would gladly recommend people to you”.

- Boston GP-163, polished ebony with PianoDisc IQ player system.
  (Fort Worth, Texas)


"Dear Patty, Our sincerest thanks for making our dream of owning a Steinway possible.  (Note:  not just a piano but the ultimate, a Steinway.)  We have both wanted one for so long, and with your patience, expertise and experience, our dream was fulfilled. You are an asset to Steinway Hall, as well as the music industry.  I will heartily recommend you to my friends or anyone I know who expresses an interest in purchasing a piano.  Thanks again."

 - Steinway 'O', Ebony Satin, 579968
   (Frisco, Texas)


“I don’t think that, had I not purchased this great piano, I would have enjoyed or really worked at getting better.”

- Steinway Model B, Instrument of the Immortals, East Indian Rosewood with PianoDisc Opus 7 player system.
  (Abilene, Texas)


"We purchased a beautiful keyboard from Steinway Hall Dallas - Fort Worth - Plano.  It plays great, and my children enjoy playing on it so much.  Michael & Yoori were courteous and professional, and we will treasure the instrument for years to come."

- Roland, HP-203, Mahogany Satin
  (Arlington, Texas)


"One of my biggest regrets in life was giving up playing the piano in Elementary school.  Two years removed from College, I found myself longing to play music; so I decided to take up the piano again after thirteen years.  I walked into Steinway Hall and they showed me their large inventory of digital pianos.  Even though it would take ten customers like me to equal the sale of just one of the Boston or Essex pianos downstairs, they treated me like I was buying a Concert Grand.  I decided to buy a Roland HP-2 the day I walked in, but my relationship with Steinway didn’t stop with the purchase.  They helped me find a teacher (who happened to also be a Steinway employee).   Through my teacher and through Steinway, I was invited to many events at Steinway Hall and was introduced to others who shared my enthusiasm for music.  In the past two years, my appreciation of the piano and music has grown by leaps and bounds in large part to my teacher and my relationship with Steinway.  I cannot wait for the day that I own a Steinway piano."

- Roland HP-2
  (Dallas, Texas)


"Thanks Michael.  I’m really enjoying my instrument and always looking forward to owning a Steinway, hopefully by late 2010!  Meanwhile I am more than satisfied with Harold as a teacher.  He’s a great instructor and I’ve learned a lot in this short time.  I just wish I had more time to spend on the piano..."

- Boston, GP-156, Ebony Polish
  (Arlington, Texas)


Once again, thank you, thank you for helping to make my recital run so smoothly.  I realize serving us teachers is a lot of extra work for you, and I certainly want you to know how much I appreciate it.  You are a perfecthostess for Steinway Hall!

Rest assured that I will send anyone in need of a piano over to you.

Hoping to see you in July when Nelita True performs at NPTI.

- Sincerely Pat Doss
  (Dallas Piano Teacher)


This summer my dad surprised me by telling me he was taking me piano shopping.  Not being familiar with piano stores in the area, I got online and found several possibilities, one being Steinway Hall in Plano.  Their website was very informative and had pictures of the different pianos they sold (other stores did not have photos).  I was very interested in seeing one particular piano listed in their clearance sale, so my parents and I drove to the showroom to check it out.  Steve Murphy, the salesman who helped us, was very knowledgeable and worked to get us the best piano in our budget.  We decided on a Samick baby grand.  I was thrilled when Steve told me that the piano could be delivered that very day, so we went home right away to make sure the room was ready for it when it arrived.  I have been very pleased with the piano and would recommend Steinway Hall to anyone looking to purchase a piano.

- Samick SIG-54 e/p #IJPIG0440
  (Anna, Texas)


"Thank you for helping us to own this magnificent piano.  And thank you so much for helping us to pick such a wonderful piano.  I don't think I would purchase it if I didn't talk to you and without your help." 

- Steinway Model 'B', Ebony Satin 582997
  (Plano, Texas)


"Thank you so much for your assistance with our piano purchase.  We are very, very happy with it. Enclosed is a copy of the photo we took to remember such a special day.  (I am in the picture too!)  We pray that the Lord will bless you abundantly!"

- Boston GP-178, Ebony Satin, B119344
  (Lucas, Texas)


Thank you so much for all your help - we LOVE our new piano! These flowers can either stay on your desk, or go home to your wife!!!"

- Kawai GE-30, Mahogany Polish, #2471195
  (Dallas, Texas)


I want to express my appreciation on behalf of the Junior Pianists Guild for your gracious help during our January auditions.  Your efforts in assisting us went beyond the call of duty.  We are certainly indebted to Steinway Hall-and especially the wonderful staff.  We are truly grateful for your time and generosity.

 - Sincerely, Ruth Ann Hoffman
   (Dallas Piano Teacher)


"My experience in the Cliburn has been one of the most memorable for me in my life. And it was a lot about the Steinways. I could not win a prize without the beautiful Steinways in my host family's house, and in the Bass Hall. Steinway is not only being widely considered as the best piano, but more importantly, it opens up the piano in a way that the pianists are able to make more beautiful sounds and colors which they can never be able to achieve on any other pianos."

- Haochen Zhang, 2009 Gold Medal Winner, 13th Van Cliburn International Piano Competiton


"My piano in the Suder's house was a American model A..[very brilliant..a little mute..but because was new..]
for my use during 3 weeks, was perfect.  I called in two occasions a man from the Steinway hall... he was very very nice and helpful."

- Alessandro Deljavan, Finalist in the 13th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition


The Steinway piano embodies, for me, a vehicle for complete expression as an artist. A Steinway provides a range of color, sound, emotion that is unmatched by any other piano. It is with an instrument like the Steinway that an artist can feel completely at ease and at home on stage, knowing that he/she will have all the necessary tools to convey everything -- technically, musically, emotionally -- he/she wants to bring to the audience.

In my recent stay in Dallas/ Fort Worth as a competitor in the 2009 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, I was thrilled with Steinway Hall Dallas and their commitment to making the competitors' experiences as easy, smooth, and artistically fulfilling as possible by providing the highest quality pianos in the host homes and at Bass Hall, by providing technicians on call at any time to maintain this quality, and by showing sensitive attention and support to all of us as young artists.

I look forward to many more equally wonderful experiences with Steinway Hall Dallas in the future, during hopefully many more returns to the area. As a Steinway Artist, I am proud to have seen the stellar job they do, and thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

- Spencer Myer, Steinway Artist, Competitor in the 13th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition


In 2007 when we opened up our new Frisco Location we partnered up with Steinway Hall on doing in-store events.  What better way to showcase our luxurious product by bringing in another treasure to compliment our own. Steinway has been kind enough to bring in, completely set up and give product knowledge to our staff members on a beautiful Steinway Piano during our events, like Grand Openings, Labor Day Sales or just the Holidays.

By having a Steinway Piano in our locations, it has produced an atmosphere and energy during the events of class, sophistication and enjoyment.  There is NO other outlet for this type of feeling within a store or a home, for that matter.  It creates “Beauty & Pleasure” all in one visit! We feel it has been a wonderful experience for our clients to come into Anderson’s and see the entire package of what their true “Dream Home “ could be like.  The Steinway Piano is just a perfect fit within the package.

Besides the fact  that a Steinway Piano can speak words for itself, “literally”  Casey D. Saliba, of Steinway Hall, has been wonderful to work with and partner with.  It has been a pleasure to partner with a company with such History and Integrity.  I hope to continue our relationship for many successful & blessed years to come!

- Jill Anderson, Owner,  Andersons Furniture & Design


"I sell advertising for performing arts organizations and Steinway Hall is not only a terrific supporter of the arts but they are wonderful to do business with. They treat their vendors (like me) with respect, class and professionalism. I can only imagine how well they must treat their customers."

- Greg Ricks, President, Performing Ads Company


Steinway Hall will always hold a special place in Jubilee Theatre’s heart.  Being a smaller home-grown organization, we cannot afford some of the finer things – like a brand new BABY GRAND - that some large performing arts organizations have the budget to include on stage. 

When I picked up the phone to call Steinway Hall, I was fully expecting to be turned away – especially with the upcoming Cliburn Competition.  I was put into contact with Yoori Marti in early March, and I asked if there was anyway on earth they could give us a deal for our upcoming show The Gospel Queen – the Music of Mahalia Jackson. I knew I was asking during the busy Cliburn season.  I was amazed what she was able to make happen!  They not only gave us a good deal, but one we could actually afford because they support local communities!  They made the show at our little theatre on Main street, and the set was believable with a real Steinway on it! 

Before the piano arrived, the director and scenic designer taped out the shape of the piano onstage in eager anticipation. This made the delivery men laugh because there was no question where we wanted it.  When Ed Smith walked in to the theatre and saw the piano for the first time, his eyes welled up with tears, and he said, “Now, this is fit for a queen - Our Gospel Queen.”

Punch Shaw of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram wrote about our pianist, “Supporting Keyton is Jubilee musical director Joe Rogers – in a stunningly visible role.  Rogers normally labors brilliantly unseen.  But he is on stage and at the piano throughout this show and even says a word or two.  It is good to see Rogers in a place where he can better see and sense how much the audience is enjoying his well-crafted arrangements and impressive keyboard work.”

True story – every word.  You all are fantastic!  I hope you win because you deserve it!

Jackie Elliott
Marketing and Operations Manager, Jubilee Theatre

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