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Institutional Piano Sales & Service

Since 1853, Steinway & Sons has shared an important mission with the world's finest educational institutions. To encourage the pursuit of excellence. To inspire students to stretch their artistic talents and reach their full potential. And to put at their fingertips a piano that makes this possible.

Whether you are interested in one piano or 100, our Institutional Sales department has a program to assist you. We serve the needs of all institutions, ensuring that they are able to provide their students, faculty, visiting artists, congregations, and customers with pianos that are designed by Steinway & Sons. We offer Steinway & Sons, Boston, and Essex pianos, enabling us to meet all requirements and all budgets.

We are devoted to partnering with you and your institution to help you acquire and maintain the best instruments the world has to offer. Our Institutional Sales department has developed unique and customized resources for managing your piano inventory which includes these programs:


All-Steinway Schools

The Instrument by which all other pianos are judged, and all music departments are graded.

Since 1877, Steinway & Sons and the network of Steinway piano dealers have recognized the great value of excellent pianos to students’ learning. The value of the Steinway extends beyond the student’s learning, as well, enhancing the value of each educational institution, its donors and benefactors, artists, faculty, students, alumni, and community.

All-Steinway Schools demonstrate a commitment to excellence by providing their students and faculties with the best equipment possible for the study of music. That is why the only pianos owned by the institutions listed on the All-Steinway School roster — from the practice room to the recital hall — are designed by Steinway & Sons.

Learn more about becoming an All-Steinway School


Houses of Worship

Piano Programs for Churches, Parishes, and other Houses of Worship

Through our House of Worship Piano Division, we service hundreds of church pianos, as well as providing resources to help churches raise money for a new piano 

We understand that one of a churches highest priorities is to reach out to new members as well as to bring latent members into the fold.  Music has and always will be one of, if not THE most powerful way to reach out to and connect with people.  Our House of Worship Piano Specialists provide expertise to church leadership, music directors and choir directors to help identify piano needs.  We begin by performing a thorough Inventory Analysis.

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Piano Fundraising Programs

The Keys to Sound Success

While you are probably well aquainted with fundraising, you may not have participated in a piano fundraising program to raise money to purchase pianos before. Donors for pianos can come from predictable as well as unlikely places and it's important to "get the word out" as to your need. A piano can evoke warm memories and stir strong emotions.

Donors are likely to give pianos to honor loved ones, commemorate a special event, or enhance or insure the continuation of your music program. And since these pianos can last beyond a lifetime, donors can feel that they have endowed a significant legacy that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Lean more about the Piano Fundrasing Programs available


Partners in Performance

An Exclusive Partnership Program for Piano Teachers

Imagine a way to further develop your relationship with Steinway through a number of unique benefits that reflect our mutual respect and trust. These benefits also underscore the importance of collaboration among Steinway Hall, piano teachers, and your piano students.

We did, and its called Partners in Performance - an educator partnership designed exclusively by Steinway for the most outstanding North Texas area piano teachers. This special program offers recital space access, marketing tools, ongoing educational opportunities, and other professional resources.

Learn more about becoming a member of Partners in Performance



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