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Piano on Church StagePiano Programs for Churches, Parishes, and other Houses of Worship

Through our House of Worship Piano Division, we services hundreds of church pianos, as well as providing resources for helping churches develop fundraising programs for new pianos. The range of services encompasses technical piano services, inventory analysis, educational programs, piano replacement, assistance with fundraising efforts and Concert & Artist Services.

We understand that one of a churches highest priorities is to reach out to new members as well as to bring latent members into the fold.  Music has and always will be one of, if not THE most powerful way to reach out to and connect with people. Our House of Worship Piano Specialists provide expertise to church leadership, music directors and choir directors to help identify piano needs.  We begin by performing a thorough Inventory Analysis.

The Inventory Analysis includes an inspection and evaluation of the churches piano inventory, complete with a report listing condition, market value, and recommendations for repair and/or replacement  Then, combined with an understanding of both the short term and long term goals of the church, we make recommendations as to an appropriate ongoing technical maintenance schedule for instruments currently on premises as well as making recommendations for future piano additions and replacement of existing instruments.

When fundraising efforts are needed to meet these goals, our House of Worship Piano Specialists can provide the necessary tools and complete programs to ensure successful fundraising results.  Importantly, we recognize that involving members of the church community in fundraising efforts to meet a specific goal has in and of itself, the power to help deepen the connection to the church among its members.


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