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Keys to the Heart of Worship

Beautiful music enriches our lives, opening our hearts and soothing our souls. Since 1853,Steinway has dedicated themselves to creating the fi nest pianos in the world that deliver this beautiful music to us.

Though there are many noble purposes among musical performance, the greatest form is worship. Music speaks to our hearts; Steinway unlocks them with the keys of worship.

From traditional to contemporary worship, small or large church settings - Steinway has a piano designed to fit right with your church. We invite you to sing His praises and let Steinway & Sons open your heart with worship.

We understand that one of a churches highest priorities is to reach out to new members as well as to bring latent members into the fold.  Music has and always will be one of, if not THE most powerful way to reach out to and connect with people. Our House of Worship Piano Specialists provide expertise to church leadership, music directors and choir directors to help identify piano needs.

Steinway Piano in Church

Fill your house of worship with joy that no one can put a price on.

The piano serves as the most beautiful instrument to accompany us, Steinway proving to be the most treasured. When your church makes a major purchase, its primary concern is always the best stewardship of its funds.That is why your church should consider buying a Steinway. A well maintained Steinway is an investment that appreciates in value over time. No other piano manufacturer can make this claim.

“A Steinway piano…, is a singularly inspired investment – an instrument that combines the joy of musical perfection with the security and reassurance of financial appreciation. It is, quite simply, a treasured possession that grows in value over the course of time… According to Forbes, over the past ten years, the retail value of a Steinway grand has appreciated nearly 200%.”

This investment will invite praise and create beautiful worship, allowing God to get the credit He is due.

We are hear to serve you.

Our goal is to meet the piano needs of any and every group dedicated to the use of music in worship—no matter what their size or budget. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, and look forward to demonstrating how The Family of Steinway Designed Pianos can help you reach even greater heights in worship—through the use of the wonderful gift of music.

"Dear Steinway Hall,

One year ago today you delivered our Sanctuary Piano. Steinway CB-493 is now more affectionately known here as Eleanor. She’s a classy lady. The delivery followed string of events that can only be described as God-incidences. Thank you, again, for suggesting this instrument for St Paul. It’s been a great year listening to Jeanine and Dustin get to know the strengths and subtle nuances in the sound of the instrument. To say we’ve been pleased would be an understatement." Your part in the story cannot be ignored."

I am grateful and wish all of you a Merry Christmas,

Adam Samuels
Director of Worship Arts
St Paul United Methodist Church


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