Steinway & Sons

Institutional Piano Programs

Through our Institutional Piano Division, we services more than 100 institutions of higher learning and hundreds of churches in the immediate area, as well as providing resources in West Texas and East Texas.  The range of services encompasses technical piano services, inventory analysis, educational programs, piano replacement, and Concert & Artist Services.

Steinway Inventory Analysis

This is a necessary first step, done in conjunction with the institution's piano technician. The Inventory Analysis includes an inspection and evaluation of the entire piano inventory, complete with a report listing condition, market value, and recommendations for repair and/or replacement. We make this service available at no cost or obligation.

The Steinway Institutional Ownership Plan

Most educators agree that Steinway pianos are essential to their music programs. We understand educators also have to deal with economic realities. Fortunately, as the local Steinway dealer, we have the resources and programs to make our pianos affordable within even the most stringent capital and operational budgets. The Steinway 5-Year Inventory Plan is a logical starting point.

This comprehensive free appraisal creates a "blueprint" for the most cost-effective replacement of your current inventory or new piano needs. Armed with this invaluable information, our Institutional Representative can then describe the Steinway Institutional Ownership Program. All Steinway & Sons grand and upright pianos, and the Steinway-designed Boston models may be acquired under this program.

Piano Maintenance, Rebuilding and Restoration Services

With the information supplied by the inventory analysis, we can help institutions design an ongoing maintenance program, which can extend the useful life and preserve financial resources. If complete rebuilding is in order, two options are offered for Steinway Pianos: We have a complete rebuilding shop, utilizing factory-trained technicians and Steinway parts exclusively. As an alternative, the Steinway Restoration Center in New York is also available. 

Piano Replacement

After determination of needs and priorities in piano use, the inventory evaluation will include a multi-year plan for piano replacement. The investment in quality pianos has been shown to pay off in financial as well as musical benefits. The appreciation in value and longer-term use provide real savings to the institution. Steinway pianos have a history of financial appreciation and long life, as well as established professional acceptance. The Boston piano, designed by Steinway, is a product which can meet many institutional needs, and is more modestly priced. With a combination of quality pianos, quantity institutional pricing, trade-in options, and a new institutional lease program, the school or church can greatly improve its piano inventory in a manner which is truly economical, both short term and long term. 

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