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Benefits of the Steinway Institutional Program

Security of Ownership

When you own pianos designed by Steinway & Sons you are assured that you possess the best pianos in the world. Your investment is protected, your equipment needs are fulfilled and your music program is safeguarded.


Institutional ServiceTechnical Support

Steinway & Sons has an extensive full time customer service department located at the Steinway factory in New York that is always available to answer your questions. The Steinway Institutional Technical Service Guide and disc were created specifically to help school technicians create a customized service plan. You technicians can also attend the C.F. Theodore Steinway Technical Training Academy at the Steinway factory to refine and refresh their skills. Your investment in Steinway pianos must be protected by having a good, workable service plan in place.


2010-2011 Box ScoreEndorsements

Pianos designed by Steinway & Sons can be found in virtually every college and university in the United States where a music program is offered. 98% of all pianists performing with orchestras worldwide choose the Steinway piano exclusively. Steinway pianos are the official choice of major orchestras and music festivals such as The Aspen Music Festival and School, The Boston Symphony, Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, The Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra and countless others.

Download the 2010-2011 Box Score


Institutional Ownership Plan

The Steinway Institutional Ownership Plan makes owning Steinway pianos easier than ever. You can take immediate delivery of as many Steinway-Designed pianos as you require while making monthly payments that count toward ownership. This program solidifies budgeting, fulfills an immediate need and protects against future price increases.


Mclennan at Steinway Selection RoomNew York Selection

When purchasing concert pianos you may want to choose from a larger group of instruments than are available to you locally. The Steinway Selection Room at the world famous Steinway factory in New York is an appointment only space reserved for your choice of Model B’s and Model D’s. It has its own full time concert technician whose sole responsibility is to prepare these pianos for your selection.

Picture: Professors of Mclennan Community College select a new Steinway & Sons model 'D' at the Selection Room in the Steinway Factory.


Wealth of Resources

Steinway institutional programs are designed to help you manage and acquire the best pianos for your school. Our Inventory Analysis is an essential tool for every music program. The Keys to Sound Success Fundraising Guide provides six ready to run fundraising programs including The Steinway Living Legacy Program, which is one of our greatest tools for donor cultivation.



All-Steinway School LogoAll-Steinway School

All-Steinway Schools provide the best possible equipment for the study of music for students, faculty and the community. With over 150 institutions designated as an All-Steinway School, it is evident that this is a program that works. You can also be assured that your research into purchasing new pianos has already been completed for you by some of the world’s top schools of music that are All-Steinway Schools.

Learn more about the All-Steinway School Program


Years of Legacy

By owning pianos designed by Steinway & Sons, your programs are supported by the rock solid reputation and performance of our instruments. You have ensured a legacy of pianos that will be appreciated by generations to come. And, you have invested in the least expensive pianos to own over time. No other piano appreciates like a Steinway – and no other piano is as appreciated.


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