Steinway & Sons

Studio Upright Piano 

Beautiful, Rich Tone, Under The Toughest Conditions

The Essex EUP-123s, Designed by Steinway & Sons, and individully inspected by Steinway & Sons before shipping, this upright piano is ideally equipped to provide great performance and durability in challenging school and institutional settings.

Essex EUP-123s Institutional Studio

Features of the Essex EUP-123s

1. Double rubber casters for easy room-to-room transport

2. Durable, attractive polyester coating and finish

3. Heavy-duty, sturdy construction-including leg pillars withextra-long toeblocks and additional screws, and full bird's-eye hammer centers

4. A wider and deeper music desk, accommodating up to 6 pages (144cm) of music displayed side-by-side

5. Toplid and fallboard are equipped with security locks, all using one standard key for convenience

6. Bass sustain pedal allows the player to actuate bass dampers without disengaging treble damper

Features of the Essex EUP-123s studio upright piano

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