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Essex - Upright Pianos

Completely designed by Steinway & Sons, Essex upright pianos are offered in a stunning array of sizes, styles, and finishes. Though they have many different looks, what they all have in common is extremely important. First, they all produce a tone that is reminiscent of their Steinway design—a tone that is superior to what is typically expected from a upright piano—due in part to the innovative design of the solid-spruce soundboard that is found in every model. Second, they feature a keyboard that is extremely responsive: again, due to the geometry of the Steinway-designed, all-wood action. And third, these pianos are built to last … as vividly demonstrated by their massive, staggered backposts which are placed precisely where they need to be placed in order to most effectively handle the tremendous tensions that are found on any acoustic piano.

The beauty of the designs is matched only by the musical experience offered by these impressive yet very affordable members of The Family of Steinway-Designed Pianos.

Essex Piano Features Video

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