Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons - Crown Jewels

Each handmade Steinway is one of a kind. Now you can choose one that is even rarer.

Since 1853, Steinway pianos have set an uncompromising standard for sound, touch, and investment value. Even in today’s impatient world, hand crafting each Steinway requires up to one full year. Not surprisingly, Steinway remains the choice of 9 out of 10 concert artists. A Steinway is an instrument of rare quality indeed. And now, you have the opportunity to own a Steinway that is also a true decorative masterpiece.

Presenting The Crown Jewel Collection: Steinway pianos encased in your choice of magnificent woods, prized for their exquisite color and grain, and gathered from around the world. Steinway & Sons craftsmen meticulously match the grain from one end of the piano to the other, even across the beveled edge of the lid.

Each Steinway Crown Jewel is an original handmade work of art, unique in all the world. Individually distinguished with a special limited edition medallion marking its rarity. A Steinway that makes itself heard even before you touch the keys.

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