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The Steinway & Sons Custom Pianos Division is dedicated to bringing unique, exclusive, and impeccably designed Steinways to life.

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Steuben, Butterflies and Lennon

Special Collections

Using a variety of techniques such as painting, inlays, customized finishes, and special material applications, we can help you personalize your Steinway, making it absolutely your own.

Art Deco Butterfly Red Pop The Deborah

Limited Editions

Steinway continues a long tradition of commemorating special events and influential artists with an exclusive series of instruments. Ranging from anywhere between 5 and 150 pianos, once an edition is retired it will never again be exactly reproduced.

Lagerfeld Lennon Steinway Goertz


How it Works

Steinway Presented Designs

Custom Designs by Modern Masters. The Custom Pianos Division hand selects distinctive designs to build and offer for sale, from simple embellishments to show stopping masterpieces. Visionary talents from the worlds of art and design have partnered with us to unveil a wide range of custom pianos.

The Commissioning Process

We also offer you the option of creating the perfect self-expression with a unique design based on your original ideas, or one inspired by our portfolio.

A preliminary design consultation can provide a framework of understanding your vision and aesthetic preferences – and for sharing the range of options available. These insights inform the creative direction, which we continually refine as we compile a visual presentation that reflects your expressed ideas.

The production of a Custom Piano can take 12 months or more, depending on the complexity of the design. We can carefully document the creative journey of a custom piano, and provide the owner with a visual account of their piano’s creation. Throughout production of your Custom Steinway you can be continually updated on its progress, ensuring a uniquely collaborative process – from concept to delivery.

Spring Portfolio


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