Steinway & Sons

The Steinway Heirloom Collection

The Only Vintage Steinway Pianos Certified by Steinway & Sons

Vintage Steinway pianos are amoung the world's most treasured possessions. They are eagerly sought by passionate piano lovers, collectors and investors, and prized for their unique beauty and the enduring warmth and power of the Steinway sound.  However, vintage pianos can vary widely in terms of quality, authenticity and value.

The Steinway Heirloom Collection was created to clearly distinguish the finest vintage Steinway pianos in the world. Unlike pianos you may find elsewhere, the restoration quality and authenticity of these magnificent instruments are 100% certified by Steinway & Sons. Each Steinway Heirloom piano is a handcrafted work of are, expressing the unique design elements and personality of the historic era in which it was created.

Steinway Heirloom - Colonial Case

When Your Desire for a Vintage Steinway
Piano is 100% Genuine.

The art of properly rebuilding a piano has been described as the musical equivalent of restoring its soul. We take this responsibility very seriously. So, each piano selected for the Heirloom Collection is entrusted to the uncompromising Steinway standards and craftsmanship that originally created it.

Steinway craftsmen have meticulously rebuilt the pianos of renowned performing artist and foreign heads of state, as well as invaluable art case pianos including the historic White House Steinway presented to Roosevelt in 1939.

Vintage Steinway pianos certificate

Whether an Steinway Heirloom piano requires custom refinishing, or replacement of the action or soundboard, only 100% genuine Steinway parts are allowed. Other rebuilders, however, may use unapproved and lesser quality parts. If a Steinway does not have 100% genuine Steinway parts, it not only compromises the piano's performance, but resale value will be significantly deminished.

When completed, each Steinway Heirloom proudly carries the same warranty as a new Steinway, and is distinguished by a medallion placed inside the lid and a signed Certificate of Restoration.

A Legendary Investment

Since 1853, Steinway pianos have been handmade to last for generation, and do. As a result, while other piano brands depreciate in value dramatically as years go by, Steinway pianos have a unique and remarkable history of financial apreciation. In fact, a vintage Steinway grand piano can be expected to increase in value to many times its original purchase price. When you also consider that each Steinway Heirloom piano is restored and certified by Steinway & Sons, you can be confident that you are making a sound investment.

Yet, as compelling as the financial reasons may be for owning a Steinway, the musical rewards are even greater. A Steinway will fill your home, and your heart, with sound and enjoyment that no one can put a price on. As the proud owner of an Steinway Heirloom, you can be assured that you and your family will share the joy of playing one of the finest vintage Steinway pianos in the world. 


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