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How It Works

To some the piano is a piece of furniture, to others a musical instrument.  Pianos are often taken for granted, and yet they are one of the most complex instruments found in any home.  Invented just over 300 years ago the piano has played an important role in homes, concert stages and institutions across the world. 

Despite the many different types of acoustic pianos, all create their basic sound from a set of strings which vibrate when hit by hammers. All acoustic pianos have keys, strings, harp/plate, and a soundboard.  But what do they do and how do the work?  We hope to answer these questions and more with the article's in our How It Works section.

The Steinway Soundboard

If we compare the sound-producing energy to a ball and the rim to a wall, we can see what happens.  When the ball is thrown against a soft, thin wall it does not bounce back quickly or with much distance.  Similarly, when a note is struck on a piano whose rim is made of inferior materials, (softwood) the resulting tone has neither projection nor power.

Steinway's Accelerated Action

The touch of a Steinway is the most responsive and sensitive of any piano made. This is not opinion. It is a fact that results from the way the instrument is designed and manufactured.

Rim Bending Process

In a unique method used by Steinway for over a century, the inner and outer piano rims are bent into the shape of the rim as a single continuous piece. Before Theodore Steinway developed and patented this method in 1878, rims were made of separate pieces held together with joints.

Coming Together: Fitting The Soundboard & Plate to the Pianos Rim

Follow the 15 operations to fitting the soundboard and plate to the rim of a grand piano.  This process takes about eight weeks for a Model S, ten weeks for a Model D.

A Quality Piano Starts with Quality Woods

Since 85% of any acoustic piano is composed of wood, it behooves the shopper to compare the species and grades of the wood used, and the integrity with which each is employed.

The Steinway Vertical Piano

There's no need for concern if you don't have room for a Steinway grand.  The Steinway vertical piano is a smaller Steinway, not a lesser one.

Why does a Steinway Piano Sound Better Than Any Other Piano?

There are many reasons why one brand of pianos sounds different than another brand. In this article we take a scientific look at why the Steinway piano sounds better than the rest.


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