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Grand Piano Template

What Size Grand Piano Is Right For You?

For 150 years, musicians from Franz Liszt to Billy Joel have known that the Steinway piano is the world’s standard. If you have been thinking about purchasing a new piano, or upgrading from your current piano, there can be no better way to begin the process than by listening to a Steinway-Desinged Piano. Can you envision it in your home, glistening grandly as a focal point of your living room, the top raised majestically, while the sun glints off the beautifully bronzed harp? Even in silence a Steinway makes a statement. And when you and your loved ones begin to play the instrument, you are transported on the wondrous sound that can only be called: “Steinway”.

Take the first step towards a heritage of music and find out which size Steinway Designed Piano is the best fit for you home.

The complimentary grand piano template is available for Steinway, Boston, and Essex Pianos.  Each grand piano template has the measurements for the shortest baby grand piano to the longest grand piano for each Steinway Designed Piano.

Start the journey, and visit us at Steinway Hall where you can find and play the instrument that is destined to become a living part of your new home.

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Grand Piano Template


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