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A Sound Investment

Times Change. Markets Rise and Fall. But for more than 150 years, every handmade Steinway has increased in Value. 

How Would You Define Your Ideal Investment?

Something that increases significantly in value? Of course. But maybe an investment can offer greater rewards as well. Something of exceptional quality. Something that endures. Something handmade, and one of a kind. Something to treasure. Something to share with your family. Something that enriches your life every day.

By that definition, a Steinway piano is not only an incomparable musical instrument, but also an investment instrument unique in all the world. Since 1853, Steinway pianos have been handmade to last for generations, and do. Their longevity and incomparable sound are the product of the artistry and pride of Steinway craftspeople, who avoid any compromise in time or materials. As a result, while other piano brands depreciate in value, Steinway pianos have established a history of legendary financial appreciation over the course of more than a century and a half. Owning a Steinway piano is a rare opportunity to invest in beauty, craftsmanship, endurance, performance and joy.

The Key to a Sound Portfolio

The fact is, the appreciation of a Steinway is even more impressive when you look past the previous ten years - and take an historical look at appreciation over the past few decades. The numbers are nothing less than remarkable:  Today, if the owner of a vintage Steinway grand decided to gauge the value of his or her piano on the open market, it is likely that the piano would command a price 4.3 times higher than the original retail cost.  As the first chart shows, this figure is based on a representative sampling of Steinway grands of all ages - pianos which were created from before the turn of the century up through 1978.

Steinway Appreciation Graph

Historical Appreciation of Steinway Grands

Furthermore, Steinway vertical pianos (uprights) command a handsome resale value as well - selling, on average, at a price 2.2 times higher than their original cost. Of course, as interesting as these figures are, there is one important point to keep in mind: When you own a Steinway, you possess a timeless creation that is passed on with pride as a beloved family heirloom. No matter how financially precious your Steinway becomes, you will find that it is a treasure with which you do not wish to part.

An Investment that Performs

“A 10 year old steinway in good condition, usually sells for about 75 percent of the current retail price, which goes up about 4 percent each year.“     - Reuters, November 2003

Setting the Standard for Uncompromising Quality

Since 1853, Steinway pianos have been built to a standard, not to a price. It takes one full year to make a Steinway piano - one year of painstaking, labor-intensive hand-craftsmanship. It is no wonder that Steinway pianos are renowned for their incomparable sound. For their intuitively responsive touch. And for delivering the musical equivalent of perfection - to the point where Steinway pianos are chosen by 98% of the world's performing concert pianists. And of course, as you now know, there is also another excellent reason to purchase a Steinway - a financial reason that grows more and more compelling with each passing year.


"It's a heck of a lot better Investment than the Stock Market."

- Devoe Moore, October 2002
  Owner of the $675,000 Steinway one-of-a-kind Alma Tadema re-creation
  Owner of the Tallahassee Antique Car Museum.

"You always get more than your money back on a Steinway. I've bought more of them for myself than any retail customer, and  I've  had people beg me to sell them.  It's a better return than some mutual funds" 

- Constance Keene
  Steinway Artist
  Faculty, The Manhattan School of Music

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