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The Ultimate Piano Shopping Experience

In Search of the Best Piano. A Piano Shoppers Self-Analysis

Selecting the best possible piano starts with asking some very basic questions that need some very specific answers.  Your enjoyment of playing the piano and the benefits of serious study on the instrument can be enhanced by the piano you decide to purchase.  With the right information, you’ll be capable of selecting the right piano for you!

What is most important in choosing my piano?

1.  Is color or finish important to me?

2.  What size or model is best for me and my home?

3.  Is the "sound" of the piano primary in my decision?  If "yes", what aspects of sound are most important?

4.  Is the "touch" of the piano important? 

5.  Do I understand how the action of a piano relates to my enjoyment or ability to improve my proficiency at the keyboard?  If "no", what questions need answers?

6.  Is the overall design of a particular piano important to me?

7.  Are the materials used in the making of a particular piano important to me?

8.  Do I understand the relationship of design and materials in piano manufacturing relative to the quality level and value of the completed instrument?

9.  Do I understand or appreciate the importance of qualified ongoing technical service for the piano of my choice?  Do I understand the frequency required for tuning and regulation?

10.  Is price the major factor for buying one piano over another?

11.  How long do I expect to own the piano?  

12.  Do I believe that once selected, the piano of choice will continue to bring me the full enjoyment expected for as long as I intend to keep it - musically, emotionally, and financially?




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