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Taking delivery of your Steinway Designed Piano is undoubtedly one of life's genuine pleasures. But this is just the beginning of a unique ownership experience that can continually evolve by taking advantage of our personalized after sales customer satisfaction.

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You are now the owner of a superb musical instrument. Your Steinway Designed Piano is built with supreme care. It is constructed of the best materials available and is the finest example of the piano-maker’s craft.

Your Steinway Designed Piano is superior in design and construction to other pianos and with proper care it will give a lifetime of outstanding musical performance. The purpose of this page is to briefly outline the proper procedures for care of your piano, which are essential for you to derive the greatest joy from it.

You have purchased a thoroughbred and it should be cared for as such. While you have invested in a fine instrument, it requires periodic adjustments for peak performance. Your piano is a highly sophisticated instrument that contains thousands of individual parts that need proper attention in the form of routine maintenance to function as a perfectly balanced and integrated unit.


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