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New Piano Owner's Guide

What Happens After I Purchase a New Piano?

Congratulations on your new piano – there’s nothing more enjoyable than bringing the beautiful sound of a Steinway into your home.  You’ll want to ensure that your piano stays in its best condition for generations to come.  We’ve provided a new owner's checklist with a few recommendations and advice for new piano owners. 

You’ll Need To Protect Your Investment

Just like purchasing an automobile, you’ll need to notify and make arrangements with your insurance company regarding your purchase or trade-in.  You should secure insurance on a new piano, and if you traded in a piano, let your agent know so that the old piano can be taken off your homeowner’s insurance.

Then, one of the complimentary services we provide to our clients is a Replacement Value Letter.  The Replacement Value Letter states your piano’s specific information and current retail price for your insurance company.  Remember to update this letter each year.  Just send the letter to them for the new quote on insuring your instrument.

Then, We’ll Register Your Piano

After your piano is delivered, your Steinway sales representative will complete and submit your Owner's Registration Card to the Steinway & Sons factory in order to process your Owner's/Warranty Certificate.

After Steinway registers you and your piano’s information in the serial number database, you will receive:

Schedule Time To Review The Owner's Guide

When your piano is delivered you will receive your owner's manual.  Read the Owner Guide and learn about your piano’s features and maintenance requirements.  Make sure you understand them and know the best care for your specific piano. Some of these guidelines may seem basic, but they will help your piano perform better for longer.

Play Your New Piano

When your piano arrives play as much as possible.  This by far the easiest and most enjoyable of all the items on the checklist.

Start Good Maintenance Habits

Steinway Hall wants you to enjoy your new Steinway-designed piano as much as possible.  That's why we recommend using our Steinway trained technicians to maintain your instrument.  This helps to ensure that your piano performs at its best and holds its value.

Every customer who purchases a piano from one of our showrooms receives one complimentary after-delivery service appointment 4-6 weeks after their piano is delivered.


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