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Piano Service Department

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With Steinway trained piano technicians using the most-up-to-date knowledge from the Steinway factory - and genuine Steinway parts designed to fit your Steinway-Designed Piano perfectly - you can be sure you're getting exactly the service you and your instrument deserve.

Piano Service

Whether it's a regular maintenance call or and unexpected piano repair, having a factory-trained Steinway technician service your piano ensures your piano is in the hands of the people who know best.

Investing in the proper care for your Steinway is a wise decision indeed, and no one is as capable of restoring your piano to its original perfection or repairing a minor problems. Our piano service department is staffed with highly trained and experienced piano technicians, which allows our Piano Service Department to provide our customers with unsurpassed piano service and support.

Routine piano service is part of piano ownership and you should consider it no more unusual than the maintenance program you would have for an automobile, boat, or airplane you might own. There are three basic steps in maintaining the sound of your piano: piano tuning, which brings the piano back to pitch: piano voicing, which affects the piano's tone, or quality of sound: and piano regulation, which is adjustment of the action mechanism and affects the touch of the piano.

As your local Steinway dealer, we employee full-time technicians to service your piano. If your cherished piano is in need of piano service or if you're in need of a piano technician please call or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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