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Helping Piano Teachers Make Music an Invaluable Part of Students' Lives

Imagine a way to further develop your relationship with Steinway Hall - Dallas/ Fort Worth/ Plano through a number of unique benefits that reflect our mutual respect and trust.  These benefits also underscore the importance of collaboration among Steinway Hall, piano teachers, and your piano students.

We did, and its called Partners in Performance - an educator partnership designed by Steinway for the most outstanding piano teachers in the area.  This special program offers recital space access, marketing tools, ongoing educational opportunities, and other professional resources.

We envision a partnership that will enhance and maintain the superior standards of excellence that set you appart in your field.  We believe that we can be your ideal partner.  Our 160 year-old Steinway brand and your teaching philosophy, a process, and a mechanism to inspire interaction and to offer ideal professional resources for you and your piano students.

Tools For Teachers

Download Recipes from the 2014 Teacher Appreciation Breakfast >>

Partners in Performance

Partners in Performance, provides a formal process to connect piano teachers and their students with Steinway and all it has to offer.

Book Your Piano Recital

Steinway Hall - Dallas/ Fort Worth/ Plano offers the use of the recital halls for piano recitals, instruction, master classes, auditions, or meetings. Find out more and book your next recital at Steinway Hall. 

Refer A Student

Over the years music educators have referred some of our most talented artists to Steinway.  If you have a student interested in a new piano, or would like to receive more information about The Family of Steinway Designed Pianos, let us know!

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